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Why do Pen Caps have a Hole on Top?

The Lethal Habit: The Untold Side of Pen Caps

Did you Know?

That pens are responsible for more than 100 deaths yearly! Surprisingly, it is not the pointed tip of the pen that causes harm but the cap, which, upon swallowing, causes suffocation and asphyxia. However, this habit is not just a random impulse but is linked to sensory comfort. According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, when a baby doesn’t get enough oral stimulation, they resort to pen chewing, nail-biting, or gnawing at wooden pencils. When left unchecked, it continues for a lifetime, becoming what we scientifically call oral fixation. This is why most pen caps have a small hole on top. It helps prevent the ink from drying out and reduces the risk of choking deaths, which can occur if someone accidentally swallows a pen lid. 

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