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Where can I order ball pens online in bulk?

You can order ball pens from different e-commerce websites in bulk. Specific brands also sell reusable and use-and-throw ball pens on their websites. If you are looking for affordable and pocket-friendly ball pens for multipurpose use then Spartex is the best choice.

Is a ball pen better than a gel pen?

Whether a gel or ball pen is preferred depends on the user’s writing style and preferences. Ball pens have a thicker ink consistency and require less ink for writing. They are more reliable and can write on any surface. On the other hand, gel pens are smooth to write with and are preferred by students and academic writers.

Are ball pens long-lasting?

Ball pens are considered to be the most durable pen type. Additionally, they come equipped with oil-based ink, which allows the ink to dry slowly, making it an excellent choice for those who need long-lasting writing.

Are polymer pencils similar to wooden pencils?

Polymer pencils, also known as eco-friendly pencils, offer a writing experience similar to that of wooden pencils. The main difference lies in the casing, which is made of HIPS material, making them lighter in weight compared to traditional wooden pencils.

Are polymer pencils safe to use?

Yes. Polymer pencils are safe for writing, coloring, and sketching.

What are the differences between polymer pencils and regular pencils?

Polymer pencils are a unique, versatile, and eco-friendly alternative to wooden pencils. It is more durable, student-friendly, and unlike ordinary wooden pencils, has superior mechanical properties and a longer shelf-life.

Which companies can supply ball pens in bulk for gifting?

If you’re in the market for ballpoint pens, many brands are available online and offline. To ensure a good writing experience, it’s essential to check the ink quality and grip. One brand that stands out is Spartex, known for its dedication to using premium materials, precise manufacturing, and reliable ink flow. 

What are direct-fill pens?

Direct-fill pens, also known as DF pens, have an inbuilt ink reservoir that supplies ink directly to the pen’s nib. Unlike refillable pens, DF pens don’t require cartridges or separate ink refills, making them more convenient for those who prefer a use-and-throw option. Additionally, the built-in ink reservoir provides a smoother writing experience.

What is the difference between direct-fill pens and refillable pens?

Direct-fill ball pens have an internal reservoir that flows ink directly to the nib, providing a smooth and consistent writing experience. In contrast, refillable pens use cartridges, which can be replaced when the ink runs out. While direct-fill pens are more convenient for those who prefer a use-and-throw option, refillable pens are more sustainable for those who want to reduce waste.

What are polymer pencils?

Polymer pencils are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wood pencils. They are made from polymer-based components, which provide a smooth writing experience and are more sustainable than wood pencils.

Are polymer Color pencils different from wooden color pencils?

Polymer color pencils are similar to wooden pencils in terms of coloring performance. The main difference is the casing, as polymer color pencils are wood-free and eco-friendly.

Where can I get bulk pencils in my brand?

If you want bulk pencils for your brand, various online stores offer this service. Spartex is one such store that offers exclusive personalized options for bulk ball pens and polymer pencil orders. You can customize your pens to meet your brand’s specific requirements, such as brand message, logo, and color customization.

How can I check the quality of polymer pencils?

To check the quality of polymer pencils, you can follow a few steps. Firstly, you can write on different types of paper to understand the gauging performance of the pencils. You can also check the lead thickness, evaluate eraser smudge resistance, and consider the ease of sharpening. These steps will help you determine the overall quality and performance of the polymer pencils.

Can the size of DF pens be changed?

The size of direct-fill pens typically ranges between 5.5 – 6 inches. However, many pen brands offer alterations to the size of direct-fill pens to meet specific business requirements. It’s not uncommon for direct fill pens to be increased in size to 11-12 inches to meet the needs of certain businesses.

What is the guarantee of Ballpen’s shelf life?

The shelf life of a ball pen usually lasts 1-2 years. However, certain ball pens can last longer if they are correctly stored. Factors like ink quality and storage conditions play an essential role in the longevity of a ball pen. To ensure that your ball pen lasts as long as possible, it’s necessary to store it correctly and use high-quality ink.

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