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About Us

Ball Pens By SpartexSpartex has been a reputable source of premium writing products since 2002. We have a track record of excellence in manufacturing direct fill pens, ballpoint pens and polymer pencils. The hallmark of Spartex writing devices lies in our incredible simplicity and outstanding functionality. We have emerged as a renowned pen and pencil supplier, catering to Indian and global clientele and earning a reputation for top-notch craftsmanship.

We offer a wide range of high-quality ballpoint pens, direct fill pens, refillable pens, polymer pencils, sketch pens, and colour pencils in bulk orders to satiate your writing needs.

Ours is a history of innovation and leadership. We are committed to supplying clients with the highest-quality writing tools and continually setting new industry trends for elegance and dependability.

Embrace the world of Spartex – where each written word leaves a lasting impression.

Our Team

The exponential growth of Spartex as a pen and pencil manufacturing company in this sector is wholly attributed to our team, who possesses vast experience and unparalleled expertise. Under the tutelage of our promoters, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Kanodia and Mrs. Punam Kanodia, team members work with a passion to excel and give attention to the details. Our people are our greatest asset and biggest differentiator.

The heart of the company rests in team work – innovated by new technology and improving conventional technologies to develop and deliver standout products. Our approach is flexible and people are encouraged to come up with ideas and zeal to implement them. Our workplace has an open structure where team member are able to take success and failures in their stride. We provide congenial working environment where team members challenge their own limits and extend their horizons.

Quality Assurance

With an unwavering zeal to cement the position of the best pen company in India, we highly focus on quality assurance forms, encompassing every part of the Spartex operational framework.

Our dedication to quality and monitoring is critical to our production process. We examine every stage of the manufacturing process with meticulous care to ensure that our products strictly adhere to the rules and quality guidelines. Our writing products are ISO 9001:2015, a testament to our persistent quest for perfection, ensuring that every written product upholds the highest levels of authenticity and craftsmanship.

Why Us?

Spartex is the ideal choice for bulk orders of writing products due to the following reasons:

  • Premium Quality- Spartex writing products are made of premium materials, ensuring durability. We value our customers’ impressions and never compromise on quality.
  • On-time delivery- Spartex guarantees that you will receive your bulk orders on time. Our commitment to promptness allows you to experience our top-notch writing goods without inconvenience.
  • Customized solution- Spartex tailors ballpoint pens and pencils to meet specific brand requirements. Choose the colour, size, logo, and brand message according to your preference, and Spartex will do the magic.
  • Client Assistance- Spartex prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering personalized solutions and prompt client assistance.

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