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Why Do Gel Pen Inks Have Quirky Names?

How Gel Pen Inks Changed the Writing Game?

Did you know?

Gel pen ink names aren’t just limited to blue and black; they have a hidden secret. 

In 1980, a trend of colorful gel pen ink names was started to draw young people’s curiosity and attention. Japanese pen manufacturer Sakura introduced its iconic “Pigma Micron” line then. Despite the excellent performance of the pens themselves, young writers and painters were most attracted to the quirky names based on the gel ink, such as “Sky Blue” and “Rose Madder.” 

The fun didn’t stop there! 

Other brands like Pentel joined the trend with “Lime Green” and “Violet” pens, creating more excitement in the minds of young writers. The ink name game kept evolving, and names like “Mango Tango” and “Razzleberry” became popular. Even today, brands like Zebra keep pushing boundaries with “Shark Tank Blue” and “Outrageous Olive,” making gel pen ink a playground for color expression for every individual.

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