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What’s the First Pen to Make it to Space?

Paul Fisher’s Ingenious Space Pen for Apollo 1968 Mission

Did you Know?

In 1968, Paul Fisher made a pen that defied gravity. No, it didn’t float around like some magic wand, but it did something even more impressive – it wrote in space!

Back in the day, NASA had a big problem to solve. Regular pens wouldn’t work in the zero-gravity vacuum of space. They’d sputter and die, leaving astronauts with a cosmic case of writer’s block. Paul Fisher, an inventor and pen enthusiast, recognized the need for a reliable writing tool for astronauts and was determined to provide a solution. He developed the Fisher Space Pen, a unique pen that could write in extreme environments, including zero gravity. 

The pen used a pressurized ink cartridge that made it possible to write upside down, underwater, and in space, defying gravity. NASA was impressed with the pen’s capabilities, and it was used on the Apollo 7 mission in 1968, marking its debut in space. The Fisher Space Pen was a revolutionary tool for astronauts and a symbol of innovation and reliability for people on Earth.

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