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The Mighty Pen: An Ink Tale of 45,000 Words

Quantifying Ink: A Pen’s Word Threshold

Did you Know?

On average, a pen has the capability to write up to 45,000 words. This translates to roughly 100 A4 pages, with an average of 450 – 500 words written per page. To better understand this, you can think of it as crafting a small novel or documenting weeks of meticulous note-taking during lectures or meetings. While choosing a pen, one must consider several things, the most important being how many words it can write. Although the exact number may vary depending on the type of ink, brand of pen, writing style, and paper quality, it’s still fascinating to estimate how long a pen can last. Typically, a fountain pen will yield the lowest word count and require frequent refills, while a ballpoint pen can write up to 50,000 words per refill.

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