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How Ancient Secrets were Written at Nalanda University?

What writing tools were used at the ancient Indian university of Nalanda?

Did you know?

Nalanda University in India stands as a testament to the rich intellectual heritage of the ancient world and holds a reputation for its vast collection of manuscripts. Here, students could delve into Buddhist philosophies, intricacies of the Vedas, or explore subjects like medicine, logic, and even astronomy.  These manuscripts were preserved on palm leaves or parchment, and served as the main attraction of Nalanda’s academic foundation.

But the story doesn’t end there.  

To interact with these invaluable resources, Nalanda scholars employed a variety of writing products in the university. Stylus was the most common writing instrument, and was used to inscribe delicate markings on palm leaves. It was made from materials like metal or ivory. Whereas, bird feathers were called Quills and  it offered a more fluid writing experience for composing on parchment.  The very tools utilized at Nalanda highlight the dedication to knowledge preservation and dissemination that permeated the university.

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