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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Fill Pens

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Direct-fill (DF) pens, also known as eyedropper pens, offer a unique writing experience. They hold significantly more ink than cartridge or converter pens, are usually waterproof and smudge-free, and can easily create precise markings on paper. However, before purchasing DF pens, especially in bulk, buyers often prefer to research various details, attributes, and features of this type of pen online. Unfortunately, online information is usually scattered, making the process tedious and time-consuming. 

To help buyers make the right choice, this blog compiles the most frequently asked questions about direct-fill pens.

1. What is the full form of DF pens, and how do they work?

Direct-fill pens, also known as DF Pens, use-and-throw pens, and likho-feko pens have a “direct fill” mechanism. Unlike cartridge or converter pens, direct fill pens lack an internal ink cartridge or converter. Instead, the barrel itself acts as the ink reservoir. To fill a DF pen, you use an eyedropper (a small rubber bulb or glass pipette) to directly extract ink from a bottle and inject it into the barrel. The pen usually has a larger opening at the section (the grip area) to facilitate this process.

2. Why are Direct-fill Pens ideal for daily use?

Direct-fill pens are well-suited for daily writing tasks because:

  • Cost-effective: Direct-fill pens are cheap and easy to acquire, making them affordable for everyday use.
  • Smooth writing: Direct-fill pens use pigment-based inks that lay down smoothly on paper, reducing friction and hand fatigue during extended writing sessions.
  • Versatility: Direct-fill pens can be used for various writing tasks, from note-taking and journaling to signing documents and adding color to artwork. This versatility makes them an excellent tool for anyone who needs a reliable writing instrument.

3. What are the advantages of using Direct-fill Pens

The advantages of using Direct-fill Pens are:

  • Large Ink Capacity: Direct-fill pens (DF) have a larger ink capacity than cartridge or converter pens, which allows for longer writing sessions. If used sparingly, DF pens can last for years without any sign of the ink depleting.
  • Mess-free Writing: One distinct advantage of opting for a DF pen is that it does not leak ink, making it mess-free. You can safely carry it in your pocket or purse without worrying about ungainly smudges on your fingers or shirt.

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4. What’s the best way to store a Direct-fill Pen

To ensure that your pen lasts longer and works properly, it is recommended that you store it in a cool and dry place at home, away from heat and high temperatures. Heat causes the air inside the pen to expand, which may force ink out. It is also essential to keep the pen capped and retracted when unused. 

5. What are some things to consider when choosing a Direct-fill Pen?

  • Material: DF pens are available in various materials, such as acrylic, ebonite, and celluloid. The choice of material greatly affects the pen’s weight, aesthetics, and price. 
  • Nib size and type: Choose a nib size and type (e.g., fine, medium, stub) that suits your writing style and preferred line width.
  • Ink-Type: Direct-fill pens use pigment-based ink in a wide range of colors. Additionally, you can find pen ink with a metallic component.

6. Is it safe to travel with a Direct-fill Pen?

Traveling with a DF pen requires little to no precautions. However, remember:

  • Leak Proof storage: Use a well-sealed pen case with padding to protect the pen from bumps.
  • Double-check for leaks: Ensure the pen is completely dry and leakproof before packing it.

7. Are use-and-throw pens environment-friendly?

Disposable or use-and-throw pens are environmentally friendly when recycled properly. Many brands collect discarded and empty DF pens, remove the tip and refill it with ink to sell at a cheaper price.

8. How do you ensure the proper functioning of a Direct-fill Pen in the long run?

If you want your favorite direct-fill pen to function correctly for an extended period, you need to keep the following in mind.

  • Prevent Damage to the Pen Tip: The pen tip has a delicate structure in which a fine ball is assembled at the end of a thin metal pipe. Even if you accidentally penetrate an object with a pen or drop it from the pen tip onto the floor, the pen tip may become damaged. The tip must be well-maintained to ensure the proper functioning of the pen.
  • Positioning of the Pen: Generally, using the correct position to store your pens prevents unexpected leaks. It keeps the ink from running out or drying. It is recommended to store them horizontally at home or vertically in a nib-up manner if in a pocket. Keeping a pen nib down is asking for trouble. If you’re carrying them around, keeping them horizontally in a case is advisable.

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9. How are ‘use and throw’ pens made?

Disposable pens are typically mass-produced using a combination of automated machinery and manual assembly. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Material preparation: Plastic pellets are melted and extruded into long tubes forming the pen barrels. Other plastic components like caps and clips are molded separately.
  • Ink Cartridge Assembly: The ink cartridge is filled with oil-based ink and sealed. Tungsten carbide balls are inserted into the tip for smooth ink flow.
  • Assembly: The pen barrel, ink cartridge, tip, clip, and cap are assembled using various techniques, such as heat welding or mechanical fastening.
  • Printing: Logos or branding information might be printed on the pen barrel.
  • Quality control: Pens undergo basic checks to ensure proper functionality and the absence of leaks.

10. Where can I get the cheapest use and throw pens in bulk?

If you are searching for affordable direct-fill pens, Spartex will be an ideal fit. Spartex offers a great selection of exceptional writing instruments customized with premium quality. Whether you’re a corporation or organization or require bulk orders for reselling or export purposes, Spartex has an extensive range of products available to help you make your mark.

In summary, direct-fill pens offer a seamless and cost-effective writing experience, making them ideal for everyday use. If you have any queries related to DF pens or writing products in general, drop us an email

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